What do YOU want out of your partnership?

Hi everyone,

Today i wanted to talk about intentions & communication in your partnership/marriage/relationship. Whatever you’ve got going on in your personal life and maybe it feels like you and your partner can’t seem to get on the same page lately. Well I’ve actually been dealing with the same thing which is why i want to talk about it. Being in a 7 year relationship of course has its perks but there’s more pent up & built up energy then if your just starting out in a romantic relationship with someone which i feel makes it even harder to communicate effectively. Every year my marriage goes on tangents in 2-3 month time frames of being sooo good and then getting rocky. I”m sure everyone could say the same for themselves as we all deal with our own personal obstacles in life on top of trying to maintain a partnership, kids etc.

Having disagreements in life are common but the way we communicate our feelings and what we do is what matters the most. I can say for example i’m going to change my attitude but without putting in the actual work & teaching your brain to think before you act or say something then nothing will change. You will keep playing the same broken record over and over again. You have to remember it is you and your partner against the difficulty, not you and your partner against one another. It is hard to let ourselves be vulnerable and bring down our walls but you chose to be in something romantic with this individual which could subconsciously mean you want to break down those walls you just haven’t found the might and willpower to do so.

I personally have spent to much of my life worrying, caring about others opinions and stressing over the little things. I’m on the train of being comfortable in who I am and my lifestyle. Honesty is the best policy, no matter how hard it can be to say things you never thought you’d be telling anyone or just to tell your feelings to this partner.. It is 100% worth it. Even if things don’t work out or it leads to more arguments you are being true to who you feel you are and being honest is the best thing you could ever do for yourself & that special someone in your life. Some people walk into our life and change it in astounding ways but sometimes they are meant to walk back out of our life too. There is always something to be learned from everyone you surround yourself with and people with whom you barely know at all that walk into your path, you just have to look for it.

Be open to receiving new information from others, to changing your ways, or just to simply be understanding of people and life in general. No matter what you do or say your life is on it’s path for a reason and even though it will be full of difficulties it will be full of happiness, love and laughter too. You have to be open & look out there to find it, mend what you have currently, walk away if it’s what is best for you even if it is heartbreaking. Be honest with who you are and you will make tremendous impacts on the people around you. I kind of got on a rampant here but, the point i’m trying to make is to question yourself on the things you do and say everyday. Ask your partner to speak up and help you change into the person you were meant to be.

My partner and I haven’t been able to get on the same page for a little while and you know what? That is okay, sometimes it takes just baring down and making it through the challenging times the best you can until the light starts to show. I personally am just getting there in my relationship where we are able to be more open about our desires, annoyances, feelings, all the good & hard stuff. It hasn’t been easy for as long as we’ve been together but it has always been worth it. Even when we aren’t on the best terms the love and attraction is still there it is just shadowed by the small or big things that have been bothering us. We usually take some time to ourselves until we feel ready to talk again, and when we aren’t heated we come back together to talk.

Now that doesn’t always work, sometimes it is deeper then that but that’s when a long conversation needs to be held to get to the deep stuff. If you or your partner aren’t interested in having long in depth conversations to discover more about one another then you might want to ponder what you personally want out of the relationship and your precious life. A relationship can only work if two parties are willing and want to make it work.

You can’t force people to want to try, they have to want to do that on their own. Communication is everything in any relationship and a lot of the disagreements or problems we as individuals have is because we keep making assumptions and miscommunicating which only makes the situation worse. If you want a partnership that you are proud to be in, you have to put in the work. It is much easier to walk away then to stay & fight, under the right circumstances of course! Sometimes we get so used to our routines and daily lives that we forget to question the things we do and what we actually want or desire out of life. I hope this post may help you get one baby step closer to the direction your going ❤️ What do you strive for? Feel free to comment, this is always a safe space! Until next time,

Alexis 😊

Published by SD Exotic Dancer!👯‍♀️🖤

Stripping is my main squeeze, but I do dabble in other stuff ;) I am Pansexual in a polyamorous marriage with my transgender wife. We have 3 children and were born and raised in South Dakota. This is my story & life adventures! <3

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