SD Winter Amateur Night!🀠

Hey Hey lovelies! ❀️

I’ll get right to it and say I did amateur night at my local strip club in mid January. I will tell you I did not win so if you expected this to be a story of me boasting about winning it is not.(We won’t get into that) This is a story of my experience, where I’m currently at and I will say it was a blast!! I would highly recommend trying it out at least once in your life. It was truly fun to be in & to watch the exotic dancers!

The event said 5:00pm so, I called to see what time to come if I wanted to sign up to dance and they said 7:00pm at the latest. I got there around then, was already ready so waited in the changing room in my sweats and a t shirt. They read the rules to us and had us write our stage name and songs we wanted. I eventually took my street clothes off, had my get up on under those & just had to put my heels on.

There was another gal there who crimped her hair, wore red and we bonded so we left the changing room together which was technically just a break room but that’s what they use for amateur night girlies. We went up to the bar, got an alcoholic drink and sat down at a table to scope out the place. I went back & forth basically the whole night getting drinks, mingling, touching up, dancing, etc. All while being heavily stared at the whole time which was great for me because I needed this experience to prepare myself for my future self.

Anyways, I danced 4th and we determined that by drawing names out of a bowl. I don’t feel like I did my absolute best as I drank more then I should’ve, but this was my first time ever dancing in front of a huge audience. The light on the stage felt like it was being etched into my soul, of course I got nervous and had a hard time interacting with the customers. I did get cheers and heard someone say, “take it off baby!” but I was too stuck in my head. I should also mention I fell going into the bathroom because someone puked when amateur #1 just came out to dance causing the floor to be wet. When I fell, I hurt my ankle and bruised my knees up to the point of debating my life choices I swear. I didn’t let that hold me back though, I was still getting my happy ass up there regardless.

There were maybe 16-18 girls who signed up that night and we started around 9:30pm. Stage sets were being done before we went on & after by the actual exotic dancers at the establishment. Shortly after I got off stage I had two guys hand me some money and say I was the best and I was the winner in their book. (So sweet!) I made around 100$ when I went on stage which was a nice treat I wasn’t expecting! If you’re debating doing an amateur night or putting yourself out there.. here is your sign to GO FUCKING DO IT! You are a BOSS!

Thanks so much for being here & following me y’all! Until next time ❀️

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Stripping is my main squeeze, but I do dabble in other stuff ;) I am Pansexual in a polyamorous marriage with my transgender wife. We have 3 children and were born and raised in South Dakota. This is my story & life adventures! <3

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