Out with the Old, In with the new! πŸ’ƒ

Hey there! 🀠
One foot in front of the other is what I’ve continuously had to tell myself on this journey of shedding old views and becoming my truest self. I have been slowly making these changes since August 2021 and I finally gained the courage and confidence to quit my job on April 8th, 2022 this year. Before I did that I started at my local strip club on March 27th, 2022. I emailed them at the beginning of March and the first day available was at the end of that month.

Meaning I had some time between amateur night and actually signing my contract. I used that time to prepare myself mentally, spiritually & emotionally for the leap I was going to continue to take. Some weeks felt like such a blur for me, I was sleeping so much and constantly going between trying to have a normal schedule, then to go to the total opposite schedule. I worked a couple Sundays 8pm-2am and would go into my 9am-5pm job afterwards on 4-5 hours of sleep. (So fun!) I worked at the club on Thursday April 7th, then went to sleep. When I woke up the next day at 7am I made the spur of the moment decision to text my boss I was quitting my job of 6 years at the bank.

It was only a matter of time before I quit, it was just that I was dragging it on because I’ve never not had a job that wasn’t a steady dependable income. Once I built the courage up I didn’t feel the need to go into the office to quit, I felt empowered and took my power back. The power that job has held over me and the way it confined me was no longer going to be a part of my life. It got me by for all those years but, it was time to become the me I’ve always been deep inside! I didn’t leave holding anything against the company or anyone there; I gave them well wishes and felt like such a weight had been lifted off me. I dropped my computers off the following Monday, but god damn it felt so good! πŸ–€

The old me would’ve been shaking in her boots scared shitless, riddled with anxiety of the next steps, talking myself out of it every chance I got. But NO! Not this me , this Alexis has found her way to be one with the universe. To let things present themselves as they do and to listen to my intuition. Doing ANY of this hasn’t been easy at all if I’m being honest, I’ve actually been struggling a lot but giving myself time to rest more which has helped me learn about myself tremendously. I’ve been putting in the work and can feel the tables starting to turn!

In total, always remember the universe has your back and will take care of you. You just have to be willing to put in the work on yourself and to be open to consistently getting uncomfortable. To always be listening, learning, creating, laughing and spreading love. We all have different walks in this life and that’s okay. That is the way it is supposed to be, we each have an individual impact to make no matter how big or small! πŸ¦‹

I am going to a topless club for a weekend next week so I will hopefully get back to y’all soon! Thanks for being here & thanks for always listening!

Until next time,

Alexis K πŸ–€

Published by SD Exotic Dancer!πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ–€

Stripping is my main squeeze, but I do dabble in other stuff ;) I am Pansexual in a polyamorous marriage with my transgender wife. We have 3 children and were born and raised in South Dakota. This is my story & life adventures! <3

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